WWE legend will compete for the last time at Wrestlemania 35

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With Wrestlemania 35 approaching, the countdown is on among the pro-wrestling fans to experience the biggest event of the year. WWE always tries to set up some big matchups for this particular show involving some of veteran names from the past. One of these legends who is still very much active on WWE programming is Kurt Angle. He is one of the speculated names to compete at the grandest stage of them all.

However, his physical condition might not allow him to extend his wrestling stint beyond this. Brad Shepard discussed his current situation on the Oh You Didn’t Know Wrestling Show hinting that he is in bad shape. In fact, his condition is so bad that he can barely move in the ring. So WWE officials will soon remove him from wrestling competition or else his sloth condition will be seen in open eyes.

Here’s what the source has offered regarding the WWE Hall of Famer,

“Now Kurt Angle can barely move. I’m told that he moves like Mick Foley backstage Standing still he looks pretty good, we can see that in the ring but, when you watch him, I’ve been told, getting in and out of his car, It’s “unfortunate”. So Kurt Angle is not in good physical shape at all and he is on his way out of the company.”

With that being said, Shepard also indicated that this Wrestlemania will host the last match that Kurt Angle competes in,

“Kurt Angle is definitely on his way out. WrestleMania 35 may, in fact, be his last Mania.”

We can’t deny these reports at all since Kurt Angle is being humiliated by the younger stars on Raw that he faced in recent times. Drew McIntyre or Baron Corbin has defeated this in-ring technician to earn a name for themselves. It’s better for him to step down as his body can’t cope up with the agile superstars of the current roster.


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