The Shield competed one last time at WWE Fastlane 2019

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It was an emotional night for the WWE Universe at WWE Fastlane when The Shield reunited for one final time. Rumors were running rampant of a heel-turn from Dean Ambrose that could have ruined the day for the trio. However, the three of them managed to co-exist together bringing an ‘end of an era’. The best part is that they were standing tall together after picking up a dominant win over the heel opponents.

As the Fastlane main event match was about to begin, commentators plugged in saying that Dean Ambrose will leave the WWE after his contract expired. This is why we are seeing The Shield for one last time as a unit. Taking on the team of Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley will be the final time they will feature in a match as a group. Well, they did manage to make it worth to remember, for sure.

The beginning did not go well for The Shield buddies as Dean Ambrose received a huge spear from Lashley. Thereafter, Roman Reigns got caught with an End of Days from Corbin. Both the times, the remaining Shield members had to break up the pinfall count. But Reigns came back unloading superman punches allowing Rollins to hit the Curb Stomp on Lashley. McIntyre was put through the announce table with a powerbomb. A series of Superman punches, Dirty Deeds and the Shield powerbomb followed thereafter to hand over an easy win for the most dominant faction of the WWE. They group-hugged and made their signature pose before closing Fastlane on an emotional note.

Dean Ambrose’s volatile actions have caused a confusing situation on WWE Raw for the past few weeks. He was neither a babyface nor a villain, totally. This past week, he decided to stay on the positive side by joining hands with his Shield buddies. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose got back together to confirm the six-man tag team match at Fastlane 2019.

But then again, we could not wipe out the chances of seeing another heel-turn from the Lunatic Fringe of the WWE. He is leaving the company following Wrestlemania 35 as confirmed during Fastlane on multiple occasions. WWE seemed hell-bent on prohibiting him from doing so. Hence there are talking of giving him a match against Roman Reigns at the biggest event of the year. We will know whether that plans are still on the table when WWE Raw airs on tonight from Piittsburgh.


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