Roman Reigns attacked on WWE Raw, Wrestlemania match teased

courtesy WWE

Now that the Shield is over with one final reunification, WWE chose to shift the storyline angle towards Wrestlemania 35. We probably received a tease of what could be in-store for Roman Reigns at the biggest event of the year. It looks like the franchise player of the company is all set to go toe-to-toe against a Scottish Psychopath that should go down as an all-out war.

Last night’s WWE Raw started the storyline for The Big Dog where he was about to compete in his first singles contest after coming back from Leukemia. The advertised match suggested that he was about to go one-on-one against Baron Corbin in the main event of the show. But the match never went underway as Drew McIntyre pounced on him from the back.

After delivering an assault inside the ring, McIntyre hit a Claymore Kick on his prey. He gave a second Claymore through the led ring-posts that hurt Roman Reigns badly. The official ran out to the ring to check the condition of the victim. Seth Rollins also came out that forced McIntyre to step back. A hurt Reigns talked about having a headache while heading to the backstage area.

With that being said, it was WWE’s idea to plant the seeds for a Wrestlemania match. Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre should be the lineup on the grandest stage of them all. It would be the first big match for the latter one on such a big stage to prove his potential as the future of the company. What better way to prove it than to hurling away the poster boy of the WWE brand.

Drew McIntyre continued to deliver emphatic statement even after this ambush on Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose wanted a match against the former NXT Champion and received it alongside the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation. McIntyre ended the night hurting Ambrose badly by putting him away with a Claymore through a guardrail around the neck. It will be interesting to see how he Big Dog manages to come back in the upcoming weeks.


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