The Hardy Boyz to compete in a dream match at Wrestlemania 35

courtesy Twitter

The legendary Hardy Boyz are back in WWE programming on Smackdown Live. Matt and Jeff Hardy have now started performing as a team, again with Wrestlemania 35 inching closer. Apparently, there’s a big reason that WWE creative team is willing to use them in the doubles capacity. They want to pull out a dream match out of them on April 7th.

As per the recent reports, The Hardy Boyz will face The Usos at Wrestlemania 35 for the Smackdown tag team championships. There’s no doubt that Hardys are legendary tag teams from their timespan whereas the Samoan Twins have also become veterans on their own rights. So this is a dream match from a fan’s perspective.

Earlier, The Hardy Boyz revealed the same by appearing in an interview with The Five Count. Speaking of their Wrestlemania plans, Jeff Hardy revealed that a strong feeling suggests that they are heading towards this solid tag team match,

“For sure. I got a really strong feeling about the Hardy Boyz reuniting — us against The Usos at Mania. I’m feeling that pretty big, we’ll see.”

Previous plans with Jeff Hardy was to make him the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The Dirty Sheets reported that he was about to face Daniel Bryan for the prime title at Wrestlemania 35. However, the delay in re-signing with the WWE wiped him out of the championship context. But the current match in the pipeline is not bad either.

As for Matt Hardy, his in-ring career was almost over during the summer of 2018. A back injury has become the sole reason why he was unsure about stretching his career, further. But he is back rehabbing properly and extending his contract with the company. For now, the current WWE deal is valid for one more year that would allow him to perform until next year’s Wrestlemania arrives.


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