Revealed: John Cena to compete in a huge title match at Wrestlemania 35

courtesy WWE

After months of speculations, WWE has been able to create a significant capacity through which John Cena might make his comeback. His status for Wrestlemania 35 was in certain jeopardy since he is busy filming a Hollywood prjoect. But the recent reports indicated that he will be part of the annual extravaganza hosted by the WWE.

This time around, John Cena should return on Smackdown Live to compete in a championship match. As we have seen for the past few weeks, R-Truth was mentioning his name to issue the United States Open Challenge made famous by him. This turned out to be a massacre for him as Samoa Joe became the new champion dethroning him from the championship reign.

Now Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggested that this was the initial planting of seeds of a dream match for the WWE Universe. R-Truth is bringing the John Cena reference since the legendary superstar will show up at Wrestlemania 35 to challenge Samoa Joe for the United States Championship.

To drag the storyline further, the new champion already cut a heel promo on his future opponent which is as follows,

“I don’t pander to the masses of the unexceptional, and I sure as hell ain’t a man who loves John Cena. Hustle, loyalty, and respect? No, no, no. All my opponents will find is disrespect, for any man who has the audacity to come for the king and his crown. And to all you SmackDown Superstars who wanna lie awake at night, every night, having nightmares about the day you might step in the ring against me – rest assured boys, I’ll be along soon enough to make you all go night-night.”

John Cena vs. Samoa Joe has always been a match that the pro-wrestling fans wanted to see. They did compete against each other but in a non-televised live event. This time around, it should be solid match between the two veterans at the biggest stage of them all. Cena is scheduled to continue filming the current project in Vancouver and he may not return until the Wrestlemania week, itself. But that would not stop him from delivering a marquee match on April 7th.


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