Retirement match announced for Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 35

courtesy WWE

Anticipations were high around Kurt Angle on this week’s episode of WWE Raw took place from Chicago. We have previously been informed about this announcement that would confirm his opponent at Wrestlemania. This is going to be his farewell match after which he will head into retirement. The man of the hour appeared in the first hour of WWE Raw to reveal that he will take on Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania 35.

These two have a long history on WWE Raw which will come to a culmination via this matchup. Corbin has made Angle’s life a living hell during the latter’s run as the general manager of the show. In fact, he was the reason why Kurt Angle lost that post at one point. So it’s fitting from a storyline perspective that the veteran name gets a chance to seek retribution. Here are further confirmations from of this Wrestlemania match,

“Though the WWE Universe would love to see Angle ride off into the sunset after a victory against the detested Corbin, The Lone Wolf is a remorseless brawler who is capable of ending The Olympic Hero’s incredible career in painful fashion. Will Angle tame The Lone Wolf at WrestleMania? Find out Sunday, April 7, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network!”

Kurt Angle heading into retirement is definitely a piece of news to mourn for the WWE Universe. But at this point in his career, it does look the rightmost decision. He is just a shadow of the Olympic Gold Medalist that we used to know in his prime. That technical wrestling instincts are missing due to the growing age that left a mark on his body.

He could not properly move during a match which shows a clear difference with the agile superstars from the roster. He could not ask for a better retirement opportunity at Wrestlemania 35. It is the biggest event of the year where every superstar dreams to perform. So it’ll be an honor for Kurt Angle to hang up his boots forever after competing against Baron Corbin.


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