WWE News: Vince McMahon stops Kofi Kingston from going into Wrestlemania 35

courtesy WWE

Kofi Kingston was up against a mammoth challenge heading into last night’s Smackdown. It was his final chance to get to Wrestlemania by winning a Gauntlet match. The five superstars stood against him was Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Sheamus, Cesaro and Rowan. The match started with Sheamus taking on against Kofi in the main event. Despite Cesaro’s distractions from outside, Kofi landed the Trouble in Paradise on him to get past the first challenge.

Next up was Cesaro who got a victim of an SOS from Kofi Kingston despite dominating with numerous submission moves. Rowan joined him next in the matchup who disqualified himself after attacking Kofi with a chair. Samoa Joe was the fourth opponent for Kofi who got eliminated by a simple roll-up. Randy Orton came out last as the fifth opponent when Kofi was visibly tired. He almost pinned him with a DDT but Kofi countered an RKO for another roll-up to pick up the win.

But Vince McMahon was not willing to give Kofi Kingston a Wrestlemania opportunity. Hence, he added a sixth man into the Gauntlet in the form of Daniel Bryan. It was for the WWE Champion to come out at the very last moment and hit the Running Knee on a battered Kofi to pick up the pinfall win. Thus, the most over superstar of the WWE Universe has missed out another opportunity from going into the biggest event of the year.

Vince McMahon has made life hell for Kofi Kingston over the past few weeks. The WWE Universe is firmly behind this babyface superstar who was in a fair race of getting the WWE Championship match. But for some unknown reasons, The Boss removed him from a title match at Fastlane. Later he mentioned Kofi as a B-Plus player who does not deserve to be in the main event status.

However, WWE Universe continued to campaign for Kofi Kingston to get a title shot against Daniel Bryan. Hence, McMahon handed one last chance to him with a certain twist. He announced the Gauntlet match for last night where he had to defeat the five superstars in order to earn Wrestlemania spot. It was an unthinkable job to pull off that was made possible by the Dreadlocked Dynamo of WWE. But McMahon’s continuing vendetta stopped Kofi from going into ‘Mania 35, at least for now.


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