Breaking: WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch becomes a new couple

courtesy Twitter

It is not something new to see two of the WWE superstars getting hitched up. We have many of the existing couples on the current roster which may have received a new addition. Two of the hottest superstars of the pro-wrestling industry have started dating as per the updates from social media. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are the two concerned names who are spending a lot of times together, lately leading to the speculations.

A lot of pictures of these two surfaced online that suggested that these two are seeing each other. Not any one of them went on record to say anything about this hook-up which is yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins posted a picture of Becky Lynch on his Instagram story to fuel up the speculation. Plus, he also attended a show far away from his house just to meet Becky Lynch, perhaps.

As reported by, Seth Rollins recently attended a Peoria, Illinois SmackDown Live Event. Becky Lynch was scheduled to perform on this show whereas Rollins was not since he is a star from Monday Night Raw. But his significant presence on the show and later catching up with The Man is a big indication of these two being in a relationship.

Seth Rollins ended his relationship earlier this year with Sarah Alesandrelli. On the other hand, Becky Lynch has also called it a quit with her former boyfriend UFC fighter Luke Sanders. Both of the ex-s gave public statements to confirm the same. Here’re comments of Sanders in an interview with,

“Everything was cool when we separated and it was mostly family stuff you know…with her and my daughter and me taking her on full-time at the end of the year after the last fight and you know being a father for her and a mom role all at once. So that took a lot of energy. She travels a lot and does a lot of extracurricular activities and putting that energy in with her and really putting all of my energy into that and my opportunity to do that. I want her to know that I got her, forever and ever.”

Seth Rollins was the original holder of The Man gimmick in the WWE which now Becky Lynch uses, effectively. Furthermore, both of them won their respective Royal Rumble matches to head onto the main events of Wrestlemania 35. We wish them the best of luck for their future both professional and personal lives.


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