Becky Lynch makes history at Wrestlemania 35 by becoming a dual champion

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WWE hosted a successful women’s Wrestlemania main event, last night that witnessed a happy ending. We should remind you the lineup was Smackdown women’s champion Charlotte Flair is challenging Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch in a match having the ‘winner takes all’ stipulation. The one winning this match would come out as a dual champion following the match.

Charlotte entered in a chopper

Al the three ladies received special entrances during this match. A special mention should be given to Charlotte Flair who entered the arena through a chopper. She started the match before Ronda hammered away on both of them. Becky sent Ronda outside with a drop-kick. Becky was able to lock in the dis-arm-her on Charlotte who countered by hitting dual Natural Selections on both her opponents.

Becky punishing Ronda

Ronda Rousey jumped off the top rope on both her opponents for a nea fall. Becky had the dis-arm-her locked in again on Ronda which Charlotte followed with a Figure Eight neutralizing Becky. Charlotte brought a table into the match but Becky and Ronda sent her crashing through it. Ronda went for another Piper’s Pit on Becky who countered the move with a Crucifix pin to defeat Ronda! Becky Lynch closed Wrestlemania 35 by becoming the new Raw and Smackdown women’s champion at the same time with huge cheers from the crowd.

Charlotte with a Figure Eight through the ringpost
Becky closed the show with dual titles.

The predicted finish around Wrestlemania 35 main event was not supposed to remain intact as indicated in the recent reports. Originally, the hottest superstar of the current WWE roster was scheduled to come out of the show producing a feel-good moment for the fans. Becky Lynch was always the concerned name who should have come out on top defeating the two names standing against her. In the end, WWE kept that finish intact to please the WWE Universe happy by giving The Man, the deserved win.


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