WWE Wrestlemania 35 Results: Triple H defeats Batista in barbaric No Holds Barred match

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All hell broke loose during the matchup of Triple H vs. Batista at Wrestlemania 35. It was the most brutal match of the night that lived up to the expectations and ended in a way that should have been. Triple H was able to save his career for good from the wrath of Batista with a sudden help from his mentor cum guide, Ric Flair.

Battista threatening HBK before the match

Triple H was in full control of the match from the get-go as he attacked Batista with a Biker’s Chain. Then he tried to pull off the nose finger of The Animal. The fight continued outside the ring where we saw The Game spearing his opponent through the table. But Batista soon came back with a reverse powerbomb on the steel steps.

Triple H punishing Batista

Triple H came back into the contest delivering a powerbomb of his own on Batista on the steel steps followed by a Pedigree. But Batista kicked out of the move continuing the match. He planted HHH with a DDT on the floor and called for the end when Ric Flair showed up and handed the Sledge Hammer to Triple H. This neared the end as The Game hit Batista hard with it and hit the Pedigree for the win.

Aggression continues for Triple H

Triple H and Batista are both living pro-wrestling legends that made their Wrestlemania 35 match a must-see for the fans. They bring the Ruthless-Aggression-feel to the show in the current era. Plus, WWE included a No Holds Barred capacity into this match to make this one a special affair.

Ric Flair plays the key part for HHH’s win

If that was not enough for the fans then Triple H agreed to the terms and condition put by Batista for their Wrestlemania match. After six years, the WWE COO put his career on the line at the same venue and the same event. It also marked the potential final pro-wrestling match of The Animal, Batista as stated in his promos. Triple H may have solidified this after the big win pulled off last night at Wrestlemania.


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