The Undertaker returns on post-Wrestlemania edition of WWE Raw

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For those who were wondering about The Undertaker’s status in the WWE, were assured by the company on the night after Wrestlemania. The Deadman was back in his yard with full force to deliver a strong message to the WWE Universe that he’s not done yet. His in-ring shape is quite that hints to a return to the squared circle, pretty soon.

The return of The Undertaker happened during the segment reserved for Elias. He was about to deliver another musical concert to the fans and warned everyone in the locker room not to interrupt him or else there’d be hell to pay. Unfortunately, he said that the next man to stop him will be a Deadman that summoned the mythical character back on Monday Night Raw.

The Deadman was back on WWE Raw

The crowd erupted in joy as The Phenome stepped his foot inside the ring showing his majestic power. Elias dared to confront him and give a cheap shot but he was soon put back into his place. The Undertaker big booted him down and followed up with a chokeslam. He then dropped Elias with a Tombstone Piledriver before posing over his body and end the segment.

Wrestlemania week remains incomplete without the presence of The Undertaker. This is the man who has made 26 appearances on the grandest stage of them all to make it synonymous with his name. An incredible 24-2 track record belongs to him on this show that makes him the greatest performer ever.

The staredown between Elias and The Undertaker

With that being said, fans always anticipate the next opponent in line for The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. It was the first time in almost two decades that WWE has not arranged any storyline for him and thereby we did not see him at Wrestlemania 35. But he arrived in New York City hinting something is in store for him and showed up on the post-Mania episode of WWE Raw


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