Breaking: Hardy Boyz become new tag team champions on Smackdown making history

courtesy WWE

Wrestlemania 35 week’s special programming hosted by the WWE came to end with last night’s episode of Smackdown. Multiple surprise appearances from Monday Night Raw were there alongside a shocking title change. The Hardy Boyz were back in tag team action on the blue brand to capture the titles to create a historic moment.

Usos vs. Hardy Boyz

WWE already hyped up last night’s episode of Smackdown announcing a dream tag team match. The Usos defended their Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships against the Hardy Boyz in a match that we never thought of seeing. Basically, it was a battle of the two great tag teams two prove who can reign supreme over each other.

Usos dominated the Hardyz initially

The battle began with the Usos controlling the match by double-teaming on their opponents. But the Hardyz came back hitting Poetry in Motion followed by a Side Effect. Usos reversed the momentum with a superkick but they missed a Frog Splash. The Hardy Boyz hit the Twist of Fate-Swanton Bomb combo to get the huge pinfall victory over the Usos.

With this win, The Hardy Boyz has now registered their eighth world tag team championship win in the history of this company. They have now surpassed their contemporaries, Edge and Christian who had seven titles reigns. The only team that has more championship reigns from the Hardyz are the Dudley Boyz who are retired from in-ring competition.

But The Hardy Boyz prevailed in the end

The Hardy Boyz winning the Smackdown tag team championship was a nostalgic moment for the fans which got ruined by Lars Sullivan. The newest NXT import made his presence felt on the show by lurking in and targeting the two new champions from the back. He was able to make a huge statement after flooring down Matt Hardy with a flying head-butt before leaving the ring.


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