Injury update on Wrestlemania main-eventer suffering a broken hand

courtesy WWE

Wrestlemania 35 arrived with a unique experience for the pro-wrestling fans where three women superstars created history featuring in the main event. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Ronda Rousey competed in a triple threat title match where both WWE Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships were on the line.

Wrestlemania 35 main event lineup

The match witnessed a strange finish where Becky Lynch created history by becoming the first-ever dual women’s champion. Thereafter, we have not seen or heard Ronda Rousey on WWE programming which leads us to the conclusion that she has already entered the speculated hiatus. Plus, there’s an additional reason behind the time-off.

Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 35

As stated by Slice Wrestling, Ronda Rousey suffered an injury during a point of the Wrestlemania main event match. Apparently, this could be a broken hand that will keep her away from WWE programming for the fall of this year. So there’s a chance that we may not see her in 2019,

“Ronda Rousey Suffered A Hand Injury At Some Point Outside The Ring During The Women’s Triple Threat Championship Match At WrestleMania35. This Injury Will Likely Keep Her Sidelined The Rest Of The Year, Ronda Is Planning For A Post Mania Hiatus.”

A glimpse of the Wrestlemania main event

Added to that Sean Ross from reported that the main event finisher at Wrestlemania was botched. We have clearly spotted that Ronda Rousey was unable to pick up Becky to deliver Piper’s Pit. Even the pinfall digested by her was not planned. She has reportedly suffered it due to the broken hands after failing to pull up her shoulders.

Becky Lynch won the main event

The original finish would have seen Becky Lynch picking up a submission win on Charlotte Flair. Ronda Rousey was clearly unhappy after suffering the pinfall loss from Becky Lynch. So her hiatus from WWE is justified, for now. Hence, veteran MMA and Pro-Wrestling journalist Jeremy Botter hinted on social media that the former Raw women’s champion may not return to WWE, at all. For now, she will keep herself away from public eyes.


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