Brock Lesnar net worth and salary in 2019

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Brock Lesnar is a one-of-a-kind athlete of this generation who left his dominant mark in the sports of both pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts. He is best known for his stint on the RAW brand in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and MMA in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He’s been multi-time champions in both these global brand possessing undefeated streaks in different time spans.

It’s hard to believe that he has had a 500-day plus reign with the Universal Championship which is the highest reign in modern day era. But he’s done it effectively establishing him perhaps the most dominating performer of all-time. So it’s no wonder that Brock Lesnar net worth reached hit a new high since WWE thinks him as the biggest box-office attraction to step foot into the squared circle.

Brock Lesnar with his title

As for 2019, Brock Lesnar net worth is estimated to be $24 Million who is the second highest earning wrestler in the WWE. John Cena is the only one name who kept himself ahead of The Beast Incarnate but that too courtesy of his Hollywood stint. At present, Brock Lesnar draws the highest amount of paycheck from the current roster of WWE wrestlers.

Lesnar in a dominant mode one Raw

Brock Lesnar’s base salary in the WWE is $6.5 Million, at present. Even the franchise players like Roman Reigns or John Cena do not get that much of payments from the company. Additionally, he receives a bonus amount of $5 million per main event fight and for every win in each of those matches. Plus, a huge chunk of merchandise shares belongs to him as a global fanbase love the products released by WWE under his name.

Brock Lesnar in MMA

Brock Lesnar net worth also possesses a whopping amount of investment of $12.5 million. He had bought a huge mansion in 2013 which is worth $2.1 Million in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, Canada. Apart from this, he usually stays in his rural farmhouse in outside Minneapolis which costs at $750,000. His garage includes a set of luxurious cars namely Alfa Romeo, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar.


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