Early favorite revealed to win 2019 women’s Money in the Bank ladder match

courtesy WWE

Money in the Bank returns in WWE PPV schedule on May 19th. It is one of the exciting nights in WWE which revolves around a briefcase that ensures a sure-shot championship opportunity. The superstar who could climb the ladder and get the coveted prize can cement his or her spot as a future champion.

MITB briefcase will hang again on May 19th

As announced by WWE, the participants of this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match will be unveiled on this upcoming edition of Monday Night Raw. There will be two separate matches from both the male and female division like the past couple of years. The potential female winner’s name of the 2019 version of MITB match is already out courtesy of a reliable source.

2018 MITB winner

Slice Wrestling had sorted out two former women’s champion to come out as the winner for this year. Check out the next few lines revealed by the source that might surprise you,

“The Latest In The Sasha Banks Situation Is WWE Is Discussing Plans For Her Return And To Place Her On A Higher Level. WWE Does Not Want To See Her Walk Away From WWE And Is Discussing Her Or Charlotte Flair Winning The 2019 Women’s #MoneyInTheBank Briefcase.”

2017 MITB winner

WWE already booked Charlotte Flair in a women’s championship match against Becky Lynch. So we can’t expect Flair to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match. This leaves Sasha Banks as the current favorite to come up with a huge win in her career. This could re-boost her drowning career with a future championship run. However, there’s a big catch in the success path of The Legit Boss.

Sasha Banks having a lot of troubles in WWE

At present, Sasha Banks is nowhere near to WWE programming and may have already requested release from the company. The officials have urged her to reconsider her decision or else her contract may get frozen. First, she has to show up on either Raw or Smackdown to get into the mix and go for Money in the Bank briefcase hunting. This is the last chance that she’d be getting to revamp her career. It depends on her whether she intends to come back or not.


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