Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan returns on WWE Raw, competes in Wrestlemania rematches

courtesy WWE

As promised earlier, Roman Reigns defied the authority figures to make his presence felt on WWE Raw. He dared to step foot in the ring even if Vince McMahon was standing out there. Alongside him, Smackdown star and the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston also appeared on the show. Plus, former champion Daniel Bryan returned for the first time since Wrestlemania 35 to create an argument.

Reigns in a defiant mood on Raw

Vince McMahon introduced the wild-card rule to the WWE Universe where RAW or SmackDown Live superstars can move between brands for “one-night-only appearances”. Four superstars can do so starting from last night’s episode of WWE Raw. This also allowed McMahon to announce two Wrestlemania rematches on the show.

Roman Reigns featured in a contest against Drew McIntyre which ended via no-Disqualification. Shane McMahon and Elias attacked The Big Dog when he was a second away from the win. The other main event match of the night was the WWE Championship rematch from Wrestlemania between Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan. Despite valiant efforts from Bryan, Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise countering a LeBell Lock attempt to retain his title.

WWE wanted to address the ongoing TV rating problem around Monday Night Raw by bringing back Roman Reigns to the show. In fact, they started to hype up the context with Reigns tweeting out about an ‘unfinished business’ on the flagship show. WWE officials prohibited him from making the appearance talking about some kayfabe obligations since he is a Smackdown Live superstars.

McMahon was present on Raw

Despite that Roman Reigns suggested WWE to keep his music ready for playing confirming his return on WWE Raw. This already built up the plot of an invasion kind of angle which is quite the favorite to the WWE fans. Additionally, Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer also noted the same saying it could be old-fashioned trespassing by disobeying the McMahons.

WWE title match on Raw

It was supposed to be desperate try to garner as much attention possible for this week’s episode of the flagship show. Monday Night Raw was up against the NBA Play-offs, once again, that could turn out to be the major reason in dropping viewership. This is why Roman Reigns made the comeback last night alongside Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston in headlining matches. We will learn in due course whether these returns could help out WWE’s declining TV ratings.


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