Spoiler on Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens WWE title match at Money in the Bank

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Wrestlemania 35 witnessed the rise of an underdog in the WWE that the fans will always remember as the most inspiring stories of the modern era. The event itself converted into Kofi-Mania considering that the leader of an entire movement, Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship. He pinned Daniel Bryan to put an end to the wait of 11 years.

Kofi vs. Owens coming up at MITB

His good times continued on Smackdown until Kevin Owens targeted him to take away the WWE Championship belt from him. A brutal onslaught attack followed by Owens who showed true colors by betraying the champion. This created a heated rivalry between these two on Smackdown that will culminate at Money in the Bank.

The main event from Smackdown at the PPV event will feature Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens with the WWE Championship hanging in the balance. With the contender being obsessed with the hunger of the title the question remains whether his title reign will be in jeopardy.

Owens is obsessed with the WWE title

Reports from Slice Wrestling assures the fans that Kofi Kingston is not dropping the title at Money in the Bank. Rather he will have quite a long title reign to cement his legacy in the WWE as the first-ever Black Champion in the history. Here’s what the source has stated,

“WWE Plans On Giving Kofi Kingston A Lengthy Title Run And Have No Plans For Him To Drop The Title Anytime Soon. Kofi Is Highly Respected Backstage And Officials View This As His Time To Shine On Top Of The WWE Mountain.”

Owens attacking Kofi on Smackdown

Kofi Kingston has all the tools to what it takes to be a great champion. He only needs to keep the title around his waist for a longer span of time. Money in the Bank marks only the first time that he defends the title in a pay-per-view. We wish that he will continue defending it until at least Summerslam.


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