Will Brock Lesnar wrestle at Super ShowDown PPV event?

Brock Lesnar

The unpredictability around the Money in the Bank briefcase that makes it perhaps the most exciting gimmicks in the WWE. But WWE has misused it the last couple of years from the men’s division and up for a plan that should make the contract look irrelevant for a third straight year. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter came up with a recent update regarding the future Money in the Bank that was not thrilling, at all.

Brock Lesnar

As per the source, Brock Lesnar was about to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract just to set up the next Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins. This match was always in the pipeline for the Saudi Arabia show on June 7th that did not have to involve the opportunistic briefcase, necessarily. Young superstars like Ali or Andrade could have possessed this to become future champions.

Lesnar as the champion

WWE may have finally understood it and cancelled the program at the very last minute. So they announced Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin instead on this past episode of Monday Night Raw. In addition, Lesnar may be cashing in on Seth Rollins as per the latest update on social media. Brad Shepard recently reported on the Oh, You Didn’t Know Podcast that many of the officials did not know that Corbin was going to replace Brock Lesnar in the title match as it was the original plan.

So now the question is what Brock Lesnar will be doing at the Super ShowDown? Will he skip the mega show in Saudi Arabia? Probably, not as is still on all of the advertisements for the show. Plus, the sports authority of the country is paying a huge amount of money to see him perform on that night. But WWE could not book him in a match that may force him to sit out from in-ring competitions.

Additional reports from Slice Wrestling stated that we are likely to see more of a fun version Brock Lesnar in the coming days. People liked the way he is handling Money in the Bank briefcase and he might continue to do it for now,

“WWE officials are high up on the “MITB Boombox” brock party gimmick and feel this shows a more fan-friendly side to the usual serious beast. Lesnar also is having fun with the gimmick and is happy he decided to retire from #ufc and sign a new long term contract with #wwe.”


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