Brock Lesnar to become champion at Super ShowDown in shocking fashion

Brock Lesnar - courtesy Youtube

The earlier plans around Brock Lesnar for Super ShowDown was slightly different. It was going to be a Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins at the Saudi Arabia PPV. He was about to declare his Money in the Bank cash-in opponent on bygone episodes of Monday Night Raw to confirm the match. However, things changed drastically as WWE fans were not interested to see the beast incarnate back in the title picture on Raw.

Lesnar to become champion soon

Hence, Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin was booked for Super ShowDown on this Friday for the red-strapped belt. Brock Lesnar is yet to make his decision around Money in the Bank contract and thereby does not have any match on the upcoming show. However, he did mention that there’s a chance that he might lurk around the champion to exercise the contract that he possesses.

Brock Lesnar beating down Seth Rollins on Raw

Amidst all the speculations, there’s a big chance that Brock Lesnar may emerge as the new champion at Super ShowDown. Rumors suggest that WWE creative team wants to bring the surprise factor into the PPV event. Hence they are likely to keep him away from Universal title picture. Rather, he may cash-in Money in the Bank briefcase on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to take away his title and go to the top of the Smackdown roster.

Will Lesnar win the WWE title again?

There’s a big reason why Vince McMahon will be more than happy to see Brock Lesnar as the new WWE Champion. The idea of giving him Money in the Bank contract was to make him the champion, anyway. Now crowning him with the belt will finally ensure his return on the Smackdown brand when the show over to Fox Network later the year. His ensure will ensure enough TV ratings to make the shift a sure-shot success. So the process of showcasing him as the biggest box-office attraction may begin from tomorrow night onwards when he emerges as the new champion.


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