Spoiler: Who will Roman Reigns face at Summerslam 2019?

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The process of gradually bringing back Roman Reigns into the WWE Championship picture has begun on Smackdown. It will continue through the summer of 2019 as he battles against The Authority with Drew McIntyre or Elias being the hired goons working for them. It already set up two back to back pay-per-view matches for him.

Roman after coming back from Leukemia

Roman Reigns will take on against Shane McMahon at Super ShowDown whereas Drew McIntyre will be his opponent for Stomping Grounds. As for the biggest event of the summer is concerned, a brand new opponent might be waiting for him. A Viper would be ready to strike the Big Dog at 2019 Summerslam, as per current reports.

Shane and Elias beating down Roman

As per the updates from ringsidenews.com, Randy Orton should compete against Roman Reigns at the biggest party of the summer which takes place at the Scotiabank Arena on August 17th in Toronto, Canada. This rivalry should be the headliner on Smackdown when the show moves into Fox Sports by the fall of 2019.

This rivalry goes way back

So Summerslam should only mark the beginning of the feud that will continue for months to come. The culmination of the feud should also be interesting since Randy Orton’s WWE contract is up in December of this month. There’s a slight chance that he may be re-thinking to extend the WWE deal as All Elite Wrestling has also contacted him.

In case the 13-time world champion does intend to leave WWE then Roman Reigns should squash him down on his way out to the company. Here’s more on Orton’s future via reports of Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful’s post-show,

“Now they did not reveal the name and I know who the name is. Now before I get into this, I am not saying that this person was offered an AEW deal. I’m not saying that happened because I don’t if that happened. In fact, I asked people in AEW about this and I was told, “We are not tampering. We are not doing that. Our approach is fresh and independent is the goal for the majority of our recruitment.”

“What I was told this afternoon, was that Randy Orton has been openly discussing his willingness to speak with All Elite Wrestling. “


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