Breaking: The Undertaker defeats Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown

Undertaker-Goldberg courtesy WWE

The dream bout between The Undertaker and Goldberg finally went down at WWE Super ShowDown on last night. It was the main event of the PPV event which began with a staredown between two opponents. Goldberg mocked The Phenome with his throat slash that started a brawl. It ended with Goldberg executing two devastating spears on the Deadman for a near fall. He went for a third one outside the ring but threw himself to the barricade to bust himself open.

The Undertaker took control of the match thereafter going old school and delivering some of his pendant moves. Sooner, he delivered the chokeslam-tombstone piledriver combination but Goldberg kicked out! ‘Taker followed with the snake eye and a big boot but The Myth converted it into a Jackhammer for another near fall. Undertaker had to end the match thereafter with a devastating chokeslam as Goldberg was clearly running out of gas. His iconic pose along with fireworks ended this big affair at Super ShowDown.

WWE tried to set up perhaps the biggest show of 2019 to date with an open tagline to overshadow even Wrestlemania. So they made the headliner match of Super ShowDown where The Undertaker faced Goldberg. This is a match that should have happened a long time ago back in the Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era.

But the company failed it to organize until the Saudi Arabia sports authority started throwing millions of dollars to the legends. Thereby the match was set up with the least buildup that consisted of only one week. However, Undertaker and Goldberg are wrestling legends who did not allow this to be a bar from producing a must-see match. In the end, it was the Deadman who prevailed to send The Myth back into his retirement life and to close the PPV show in style.


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