The New Day returned to win huge Smackdown main event match

courtesy WWE

Smackdown was filled up with total ‘power of positivity’ as The New Day was back in full force on the show. On last night’s episode, the muscle of the faction was finally back on board after a hiatus of more than eight weeks. Big E is the name concerned who missed in-ring action due to a knee injury. But thankfully he was back in quick time.

The New Day was back in action on Smackdown-courtesy WWE

His brothers were standing in the ring to welcome him back to Smackdown as The New Day reunited. WWE already announced a match for them against the heel team of Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn. But prior to that, a verbal war broke out around the three of them. It was basically a claim by Ziggler that he is taking away the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston at Stomping Grounds.

Later the six-man tag team match became the main event of Smackdown which started in favor of The New Day as they went for their pendant Unicorn Stampede. But the heel team took control after Kevin Owens hit Kofi Kingston with a perfect senton on the floor.

Kofi in action on Smackdown

Owens also hit Woods with a Bodyslam followed by a second-rope moonsault for a near fall. Ziggler got the tag and hammered away at E until he powered into the opposite corner to tag in Kofi Kingston into the match. Ziggler landed a superkick to neutralize E and tagged in Zayn.

Kofi Kingston wanted to put away Zayn with an SOS when Ziggler charged to him. He executed another superkick, this time to Zayn by accident. The misunderstanding allowed Kofi to hit two back to back Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler and Zayn to pick up the pinfall win. The New Day prevailed in the end and celebrated with the WWE Championship to end this week’s Smackdown.


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