WWE legend Edge faced a bear to save his family!

courtesy Instagram

It’s rare to find WWE superstars facing a scripted scenario like their TV roles even on real-life. But in recent times, one of the WWE Hall of Famers, Edge had the opportunity to be one such situation and show tremendous resiliency to overcome the panic-stricken situation. After all, it came down to save his family.

In case you don’t know, the 11-time world champion, Edge married another Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix a few years ago. They have two children together and the entire family lives in Canada which is home to Edge. Apparently, a bear arrived to ruin their happy moments but he was able to scare away the beast.

As per the revelation from Beth Phoenix, she heard some sounds from the outside and thought her husband was taking out the garbage. As soon as she went outside to help out her man, she found out that a bear was standing there. Edge ran out to the scene and confront the Bear until the ‘furry guy’ back down. Here’s more from Phoenix,

“I thought Adam was taking the garbage out when I heard the cans clanging. I went to help and just about smacked into this black bear. Ran back in to get @edgeratedr and a stare down ensued before the furry guy backed down. I won’t tell you which furry guy.”

It takes a lot of guts to face a bear without a weapon in his hand. In this case, the Rated R Superstar was brave enough to do so without having any such. Thankfully, Edge and his wife are okay as the animal decided to back down. As of now, Edge is nowhere near on WWE programming since he has a broken neck. As for Beth, she is back in the commentary booth for the NXT division.


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