Popular WWE superstar Paige reveals reason why she can’t wrestle anymore

courtesy WWE Network

It’s pretty unfortunate that WWE has lost one of the brightest talents almost two years ago who has all the tools to carry the female roster. None other than Paige who announced her retirement the night after Wrestlemania 34 due to an injury that occurred on December 2017. It’s a concussion in the neck that will never ever allow her to wrestle, again.

Paige on the night of retirement

As much as it sounds hard for the global fan following that Paige has, it’s the bitter reality. The superstar herself dealing with it and transformed into different roles while staying away from in-ring competition. Some of the fans still do have high hopes that someday the former Divas Champion may come back to the squared circle. But unfortunately, that’s not happening.

Recently, a fan posted a picture on Twitter addressing Paige which had an X-Ray picture of her neck. He also stated that the condition seems fine. So why she can’t try to make a comeback in the wrestling ring.

The anti-diva replied saying that she has 3 screws attached to her neck that will never ever let her go back to physical capacity, again,

“Unfortunately it isn’t that easy. I have 3 screws from the prior surgery and after the accident I had in the ring after I got spinal stenosis. I wish though, I miss it everyday.”

Paige has become a manager

Paige is not the only one though who had to leave wrestling due to a neck injury. WWE Hall of Famer Edge is a notable example in this context alongside names like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Daniel Bryan. Whereas the latter duos managed to get themselves cleared to get physical in due course, Edge is the most unfortunate who did not have the opportunity. The same thing applies for the two-time Divas Champion, too who has to continue playing roles other than being a wrestler.


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