Breaking: Brock Lesnar attacked Seth Rollins on Raw to send him to hospital

courtesy WWE

One of the main events of last night’s WWE Raw got ruined courtesy of the Brock Lesnar as he massacred Seth Rollins with an attack. A terrific match was in progress between The Architect and the Show-off, Dolph Ziggler on the show. Seth countered a zig-zag by a Superkick as both men were down. It was then when the Universal Champion made his presence felt on the show, all of a sudden.

The crowd in attendance was in shock as Brock Lesnar marched down to the ring to deliver a German Suplex on Seth Rollins. The referee disqualified the match as he dropped Rollins with another F-5. The number one contender for the Universal Championship kept coming back on his feet making Lesnar feel irate. So he planted Rollins with three more F-5s on a steel chair to hurt him. EMTs were taking him to the local hospital when Lesnar hit another F-5 on the stretcher to make the situation even worse.

Prior to this, WWE promoted Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler as the main event of this week’s WWE Raw, (courtesy

“The spirit of Raw Reunion carried over onto SmackDown LIVE when Shawn Michaels stopped by “Miz TV,” but the good vibes only lasted for a few minutes before Dolph Ziggler appeared and blasted the two-time Hall of Famer with a superkick right to the jaw. As reported by The Wrap, Seth Rollins — who got the benefit of DX backup against AJ Styles last week — seems to have stepped up in defense of The Heartbreak Kid, with a bout for The Showoff set on Raw.”

But it was the beast who showed up to conquer his Summerslam opponent to make sure that he may not even get into the PPV event.

WWE Raw delivered to the fullest, last night so to hype up the biggest event of the summer that will take place within just two weeks of time. Apart from the above-mentioned segment, there was a battle between Alexa Bliss and the WWE Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch. Also, there was a Samoan Summit on the show between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe that turned to be absolutely physical. These two battled alongside The Usos, OC, Drew McIntyre, and Cedric Alexander to create an incredible fight. It was the babyfaces who stood tall to end WWE Raw on a happy note.


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