Big update on Roman Reigns competing at WWE Summerslam 2019

courtesy WWE

Summerslam 32nd edition is almost here which takes place on this Sunday at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. More than ten matches have been made official to make the card stacked than ever. It has multiple championship matches in it alongside Hall of Famers’ return to in-ring competition. But the surprising element is that Roman Reigns has not been booked in a match.

Roman Reigns was attacked on Raw

It’s pretty unusual that the franchise player of the WWE will not be competing in the second biggest PPV event of the year. But the storyline perspective did not allow WWE to do so. As per the previous plans, Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan was the planned match for Summerslam as the latter name was accused of attacking the former one. But reported it won’t happen since reported that since they didn’t get to reach a conclusion on this week’s Smackdown.

Buddy Murphy did reveal that it may have been Bryan and Rowan to attack Roman Reigns on two occasions that could have been life-threatening. But there’s no evidence and hence the match is not happening,

“Originally, the Summerslam card was to have featured Roman Reigns against Daniel Bryan, but the word making the rounds at TV was that the bout will likely be dropped in order to let the current storyline play out,” the source noted.

Now, there might be another reason due to which Roman Reigns will not compete at Summerslam. At this point, the future advertisements of WWE revealed that he will enter a rivalry against Daniel Bryan once Summerslam gets over, producing several matches. So WWE just wants to store this marquee match for the latter part instead of this Sunday night which is already loaded with big matches.

Roman is still supposed to be at Summerslam

However, the good news for Roman Reigns fans is that their hero may just lace up the boots at Summerslam for a match. After what transpired on Smackdown, Buddy Murphy could face him on the PPV night to seek redemption of the beatdown he received on Tuesday night, as per the revelation by WrestleVotes. We have to wait till Sunday night to see how things turn out on Sunday’s PPV.


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