Big News: Former champion returning at Summerslam as a villain

courtesy WWE

Summerslam 2019 has shaped up to be quite interesting that will have multiple surprises in it. Till now, nine matches have been confirmed to take place from the main roster. But a couple of more matches may get added to the show on the show itself. Plus, we could be seeing a huge return on Sunday night in the form of Sasha Banks that could shock the world.

Sasha & Bayley were tag team champs

The former WWE Raw women’s champion is going through training regime, as of late, gearing up for her inevitable comeback on either Raw or Smackdown. We have seen such glimpses dropped on social media in recent times. Plus, Brad Shepard reported on Oh, You Didn’t Know Podcast that Sasha Banks is ready to get back to work. carried news that the biggest issue that WWE is facing right now is to find the right moment for her that could create a big impact.

Considering that Summerslam is happening this Sunday, there’s a chance that the veteran female star may be back on that night setting the pro-wrestling world in a frenzy. If not, then the surprise could happen on the post-PPV edition of Monday Night Raw, as well. Here’s more from the report of Shepard,

“I have once again been told that Sasha Banks’ return is imminent. I’m told she’s in good spirits and she’s ready to return to WWE. They’re waiting for the right moment to bring her back.”

“I’ve been given some speculation about what they might do, but nothing is set in stone so I’m going to leave that to your imagination. Because I don’t know what they’re going to do yet. Again, they could decide on something they’re going to do and change their mind that week — or that night right before the f*cking show airs.”

Sasha Banks in action on Raw

Sasha Banks has not been seen in a WWE ring since WrestleMania 35 after losing the women’s tag team championships. Rumors had that The Legit Boss of WWE wanted to quit the company as she was extremely upset. But she is under a long-term contract with the company which did not allow her to walk away.

As of now, WWE creative is waiting for the perfect storyline to kick off around her and hopefully, they will find it out on or after Summerslam. The backstage news is that she will come back as a heel that will create some interesting scenario for the women’s division. This can create the much-needed boost the female roster needs, right now as craze around Becky Lynch has faded away.


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