Becky Lynch wants Stone Cold Steve Austin to come back in WWE

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The just bygone edition of Straight Up Steve Austin on the USA Network was perhaps the most promoted episode ever since the show started airing. Hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, this program sees Austin and a celebrity guest swap stories about their lives and careers while touring in different cities across the USA to do different kinds of adventures.

The Man Becky Lynch appears to be the only guest from the WWE roster in the entire season I as the former dual champion shared her ongoing life events with the WWE Hall of Famer. Her appearance on the show garnered a ton of attention all over the social media. This led her to goad about a bit who did not dare to ask Stone Cold Steve Austin to return the favor in an interesting way that the WWE Universe must be loving.

Becky Lynch wanted the WWE Legend to be back on TV and feature in a segment with her. Apparently, this could be the best that the women’s champion could ask from the superstar whose gimmicks match to each other, quite a lot. Speaking of this leads to inform you that Stone Cold Steve Austin will indeed be returning on Monday Night Raw, next week when the show airs from Madison Square Garden after a decade. Could he be sharing the spotlight with one of the most prime babyfaces present on the roster? We’ll have to wait until next week to know the answer.

To the pleasure of the fans, Becky Lynch also shared her personal life details with Stone Cold Steve Austin. As we all know, she’s recently been engaged to be married to Seth Rollins. She spoke on how they have been a good friend for over five to six years. As for their relationship goes, it’s good to get your best friend around when traveling from one city to another doing WWE shows,

“We’ve been friends for five, maybe six years and we’ve always just gotten along so well. We’ve always been the best of friends. And yeah, we were both singles at the same time and one thing led to another… and [we] burned that down with straight fire!”


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