Brock Lesnar to become the ‘New Face’ of WWE Smackdown on FOX

courtesy WWE

“The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar will face Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship next week on SmackDown. It will mark the debut of the show on FOX (It is also being billed as SmackDown’s 20th-anniversary show). The title match will be the main event of the show that will also feature numerous WWE legends.

Spoilers are already out around this match suggesting that we will crown a new champion on the SmackDown brand. Kofi Kingston had a title reign since Wrestlemania 35 which is likely to end at the hands of Brock Lesnar. The primary reason behind this title change is FOX officials’ wish to make Brock Lesnar a marquee name on the brand.

Huge match set for Smackdown debut on FOX

According to Slice Wrestling, Brock Lesnar has been picked to become the “Face Of SmackDown” on FOX. It happens after he wins the WWE Championship dethroning Kofi Kingston. FOX wants a “sports feel” and Lesnar is the most legitimate sports athlete in WWE today. Here’s what Dave Meltzer said about the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio:

Lesnar already dominated Kofi on Smackdown

“When they announced Brock Lesnar for the [October 4th edition of Friday Night SmackDown] you know things sort of just add up in the sense that FOX wants to be sports-like and Brock is like their legitimate athlete.

So I could see Brock winning the title, I’m not saying he’s going to, but it feels to me going to FOX early on that Vince [McMahon] would rather have Brock as Champion than Kofi Kingston.”

With a title run almost guaranteed for Brock Lesnar, he will make more appearances on TV, going forward. The current advertisements revealed that he will make some consecutive show-ups on SmackDown TV starting from October 4th. Check out his current Tv schedule,

* September 30 (RAW – Phoenix, Arizona)

* October 4 (SmackDown – Los Angeles, California)

* October 11 (SmackDown – Las Vegas, Nevada)

* October 25 (SmackDown – Kansas City, Missouri)

* November 15 (SmackDown – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – Advertised by the venue, Wells Fargo Center. (Courtesy of


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