Breaking: Huge returns cause a dramatic end to WWE Raw season premiere


WWE Raw had a chaotic start last night on the season premiere episode where Rey Mysterio was out to kick things off. As he was trying to cut a promo before his son, Dominick, Brock Lesnar’s music hit the arena as he came out with Paul Heyman. Lesnar dropped Mysterio with an F-5 and followed up an attack on Dominick. More F-5s were in store for the Masked Luchador as officials ran out trying to stop him. But the Beast was in a foul mood who did not dare to assault them ensuring criminal charges against him.

Mysterio was in no condition to compete in the main event match of WWE RAW. Hence, Rusev challenged Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship in the final match of the evening. Bobby Lashley returned to the show alongside Rusev’s wife Lana in between the contest and started making out on the ramp! An irate Rusev looked on from the stage when the lights went out. The Fiend Bray Wyatt arrived to choke out Seth Rollins with the Mandible Claw to disqualify the match and thereby send the show off the air.

Last week, Rey Mysterio pulled off the biggest win of his career ever since coming back to WWE in 2018. He overcame four different superstars to earn the right to be called the number one contender for the Universal Championship. This handed him the title shot to him which has big stakes attached to it. Mysterio could make history by beating Rollins and secure his spot at Hell in a Cell main-event match against The Fiend, (courtesy

“Not only could the bout net Mysterio his very first Universal Championship, but it could also upend the main event of the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, set to emanate just six days after Rollins and Mysterio mix it up. And The Master of the 619 could be up to the task: The Beastslayer is on his heels following several ambushes by “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, meaning Mysterio has an excellent chance to change the course of history.”

However, in the end, it appeared to be a different lineup for the WWE RAW main event match as Brock Lesnar took out Mysterio for good making a way for Rusev to challenge for the title. But the surprising turn of events caused a shocking end to the show that also left us with a ton of questions.


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