Big reason why Brock Lesnar was drafted to SmackDown on Fox

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Brock Lesnar has become the new WWE Champion on the FOX premiere episode of SmackDown on October 4th. Afterward, he has also become a permanent resident of the blue brand after FOX picked him as one of the first bunch of draftees. Now he becomes one of the few ‘Paul Heyman guys’ who didn’t end up on Raw during the 2019 Draft. It’s quite interesting considering Heyman is in charge of running things on Raw.

FOX officials had a long demand of having Brock Lesnar on their side and the WWE seemingly granted this just to make SmackDown the A-show from now onwards. As per the latest reports by Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, there’s an additional reason why Brock Lesnar has left Monday Night Raw for the first time in more than seven years.

Meltzer hinted that FOX was originally expecting to get back Ronda Rousey onboard as they started airing SmackDown. Since they did not get their wish come true, they’ll use Brock Lesnar as a ‘placeholder’ until the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion is ready to return to the squared circle. Here’s more from the veteran wrestling journalist, (courtesy

“I think that it was an executive decision at FOX that they had to get Brock Lesnar because they’re not getting Ronda Rousey, at least for a while.”

Ronda Rousey has suffered a broken hand back at WrestleMania 35 main event which worsened after she re-injured her fingers during a movie shoot. This might be the reason why her anticipated return was cut short. But the good news is that the baddest woman on the plant is closing in to make her comeback. Triple H confirmed the same during a recent interview stating the following about Ronda Rousey,

“Don’t have a specific timeline but she’s with us. This is family for her, she’s coming back. She has said it, she calls us all the time. I think the biggest tear for her right now is trying to do what she wants in her personal life and just missing this. It’s hard to explain, this is like a family and there is a brotherhood and a sisterhood here that’s deep with people.”

“I think she misses that greatly. She talks to everybody all the time, she’s constantly with us, and she’s constantly pitching her return. So, if I had to guess, it would be sooner than later, but who knows?”


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