How will WWE use The Undertaker and John Cena from now on?

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WWE Crown Jewel is happening within just a few days and some of the marquee names are absent from the card. Names like The Undertaker, Goldberg are amongst them who usually show up in bigger PPVs. Saudi Arabia shows need them in particular as the fanbase demands legendary names on the card. The sports authority also pays a huge amount each time WWE hosts a PPV in the country.

However, The Undertaker will not be performing on the show and so will not be the names like John Cena or Triple H. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is making a change in policy regarding how to use their top part-timer players. They will only be coming back as per the need from now onwards.

Crown Jewel already has Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez as part-time names to sell-out the show. Hence, WWE decided to opt-out The Undertaker from the match card. Here’s more on this issue as noted on,

“This means if a major event is coming up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that WWE will use the above-stated names (for example WWE didn’t use The Undertaker at WrestleMania 35 because the event was sold out, but they used Taker to sell out the Extreme Rules 2019 PPV because it was struggling in ticket sales).

However, it looks like WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg will be making the most appearances out of the above-stated names because RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman is big on him and is interested in using him multiple times a year.”

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabia fans are not happy, at all after knowing that The Undertaker is not performing at Crown Jewel 2019. A popular Arabian Twitter account, Wrestling Club, noted that Saudi Arabia fans have started a hashtag “#WeWantUndertakerInRiyadh” to persuade Turki Al-Sheikh so that he persuade WWE to bring The Undertaker to the middle-east country. But going by the current WWE storylines, chances are pretty less that we will see The Phenome on the October 31st show.


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